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Welcome to Cherry Park United Methodist Church

Church History

  Cherry Park United Methodist Church had is start when Willard Johnson, a layman from the Montavillla Methodist Church, suggested the need for a new place of worship in the Cherry Park area. A place for the new church was purchased in 1955 at S.E. 106th  and Market.

  The parsonage was constructed and on May 12, 1957 Rev. George Weber led the first worship service in the basement of the parsonage, sixteen people attended.

  Construction of the church building was rapid, and on November 2, 1958, the doors of Cherry Park United Methodist Church were opened. An educational unit was added in



Rev. George F. Weber, 1954-57

Rev. Raymond White, 1957-65

Rev. E. John Powers, 1965-69 w/Assoc. Rev Dr. Roy A. Fedge, 1965-67

Rev. Gregg Monroe, 1969-73

Rev. Edward Springman, 1973-75

Rev. Graeme M. McIver, 1975-76

Rev Edward Springman, 1976-78

Rev. Hugh Tattersal, 1978-82

Rev. Fredrick Kane, 1982-84

Rev. Emmett L. Shortreed, 1984-87

Rev. John Grimsted, 1987-98

Rev. Jeanie Stoppel, 1998-2002

Rev Roberta Thomas, 2002-06

Rev. Dave Bean, 2006-2012

Rev. Ted Meyers, 2012-2022

Rev. Melissa Harkness 2022-Present

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Church History: Welcome
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